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Being Sensitive Is Your SUPERPOWER!

Harness your empathic gifts to create the
happiness, energy, and emotional freedom you deserve!

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • “I get caught up in other people’s emotions and that drains the life out of me.”
  • “I keep getting overwhelmed and stressed out.”
  • “I feel so alone. Like no one else feels the way that I do.”
  • “I know that ‘something’ needs to change for my dreams to manifest, but can’t put my finger on it.”
  • “I have a passionate message to share with the world, but can’t find my own voice.”

That’s Because You Are an Empath!

If you related to any of these challenges, most likely you are “sensitive” and “empathic.” There is nothing wrong with you! In fact, you get to live an extraordinary life, if you can learn to harness these gifts in the right way.

You literally have superpowers! But our fast-paced world bombards your senses constantly. You are taking everything in without an outlet or way of processing all this stimulus so it gets caught in your own energy field – burning and stressing you out. Zapping your motivation.

If you find yourself tuning in to other people’s energy — you use your gifts on a daily basis. Now, it’s time to use them to take care of yourself…so you can live a life of fulfillment and joy!

The Sensitive Path to Success Program helps empaths just like you!

The Sensitive Path To Success Program

My group coaching program is designed to help Sensitive People live joyful, fulfilling lives by learning to work with their gifts!

Feel more:


Feel valued and recognized for who you are, and what you uniquely offer the world. Grow your self-esteem and own your worth!


Discover your life’s mission and connect with your deeper purpose in life!


Excel in your business or creative projects, with a clear, easy-to-follow path to your goal!

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish in this Program:

  • Master your energy and learn practical tools to stay grounded and present anywhere you are
  • Become more empowered by not people pleasing and set clear boundaries.
  • Process your emotions effectively so they don’t keep weighing you down
  • Reconnect with your soul – the unlimited part of you – so you can get clear guidance on what to do in any situation in your life
  • Go after your “success” and finally feel some momentum
  • Find the clarity and energy you need to leave your brilliant mark on the world

Hi, I’m Randy…

“I came into the world extremely sensitive, empathic, and intuitive. This place was confusing and no one else was like me. Broken-hearted, I struggled for years not knowing how to cope and the pain of simply trying to keep living almost killed me.

Until I got in touch with my purpose and learned how to use my sensitive gifts! My unique purpose has called me to teach other empaths like you how to find confidence, discover your truth and purpose, and achieve your unique version of success! I am here, now, ready to teach you how to become a Successful Sensitive!”

-Randy Spelling

The Sensitive Path to Success Program helps empaths just like you create a life of ease and joy in harmony with your gifts.

Create Exactly What You Want In Your Life!

It’s easier than you think. And with the support of our loving tribe of other empaths, you’ll be constantly surrounded with people who “get you”!

Get Started Now!

What’s Included?

Your Sensitive Path to Success monthly membership includes:


Live Video Calls

Two live video training calls with me each month! (Yes, they’ll be recorded for you if you miss a session.)

Guided Group Activities

Guided group activities to help you set goals and intentions, track your progress, and learn my favorite tools for living an empowered life as a sensitive soul!

Private Facebook Group

A private Facebook group for you to connect with your friends, have access to me, and ask questions or celebrate your triumphs!



As part of the Sensitive Success Community, you will get three 30 minute coaching vouchers to use with me at any point throughout the year!
(Value of $750)

Early Access VIP

In addition, you will have first access to all of my future workshops, group programs, and other offerings FIRST before they are shared with the general public giving you a chance to claim first dibs!

Find Your True Path

Once you embrace who you are and own your powers, discovering “what’s next” in your life is easy! I’ll help you reconnect with your soul – the unlimited part of you – so you can get clear guidance on your purpose and what to do in any situation in your life.

Are You Ready To Find Your Path To Success?


“Randy was the catalyst in uncovering a blind spot that was hindering my confidence. After working with Randy, I’ve experienced breakthroughs in truly becoming my ideal self. Trust Randy to gently lead you to your heart’s desires.”

-Carol Lopez

Author, Transition to Freedom Coach

“The best gift I received during my coaching is the ability to think about time in a way where I could still get all of my work done and be fully present without feeling tired and rushed. His technique refocused my energy and in return I feel confident seeing myself as he and others see me. Having this confidence allowed for me to step into new leadership roles and consider additional opportunities like public speaking.”

-Eduardo Araiza Moreno
Northwest Health Foundation Health & Education Program Officer

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This is a smaller program and space is limited – act now before it fills up! Class starts Beginning of October, so submit your application by clicking the APPLY NOW button below!

About Randy

Author, Speaker, and Coach, Randy helps people gain the confidence they need to stop stressing and to start going after their dreams so they can find freedom in their lives and finances.

He is the author of Unlimiting You – Stepping Out of Your Past and into Your Purpose – where he shares personal stories. Randy also hosts the ReAwaken podcast a vulnerable look into the lives of our favorite celebrities.

Randy is known for his loving, affirming nature that coaxes even the most insecure person out of their shell and into a life filled with self-acceptance, love, and passion!

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Peace and Love to you,

-Randy Spelling